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Oh yeah I can use this for things other than ranting and fics and memes, can't I?

Still haven't had any bites on the job front, and I'm getting a little down because of it. I know I could do all of these jobs on my ear but apparently I'm missing something in my applications. I'm also having so, so many regrets about my life at the moment, looking back I'm eight years out of school this year, and I have so little to show for it in some ways. Yes I own my unit (well, me and the bank), but I have nothing to prove that I have the brains I know are lurking in there somewhere. I don't exactly regret leaving university, but maybe if I'd thought about things a little more and believed in my own self-worth a little more then I'd be in a better position now.

Anyway, enough of this maudlin shit. I'm heading up the coast to see a whole bunch of relatives this weekend, including my cousin who lives in Canada who I haven't seen in ten years. The last time I saw her Elvis was cracking on to me. There's a story there, but that's for another day. So I'll be disappearing for the weekend, but what it also means is that I'll have 12 hours total being driven up to my grandparents so I can do some writing. Which I have been missing so much lately, because with the exception of the Treehouse Hooker!Verse, which ate my brain and would not let go, I haven't had the time nor the inclination. I have about half a dozen kink meme fills sitting there, iPod meme fills and one original idea. Yay, huzzah and etc.

That's about enough from me, but because I feel it needs to be repeated often and loudly: you are some of the most amazing people I've ever had the privilege to meet and don't you all forget it.
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