As I think most of you know, I’ve been (unsuccessfully) looking for jobs in Sydney for the past couple of months. Work has become nigh untenable and this little unit of mine has too much history attached to it. Money wasn’t too much of an issue until I lost one of my cleaning jobs, which has basically sent me back to where I was just after I broke up with my boyfriend – with the exception that at least I’m up to date with my bills now. Loath to get back in the same position I had a wee meltdown on Friday night, and decided that I’d move to Sydney without a job, to live with my cousin (who’s in a similar position to me, and this was all part of the bigger plan), and just spend every day there searching for something, anything because at least my unit would be paying for itself with rent. I’ve spent a lot of the past weekend starting to pack up my house, and yesterday organised with mum and dad that I’ll briefly move back in with them before heading to Sydney, as any money in is a very good thing, and will only help the money situation.


So, tonight I called my cousin to let her know that our plans were moving forward only to hear that her boyfriend has asked her to move in with him. Gentle reader, I flipped. Non-gentle reader, I flipped the fuck out.  This was something that I had finally made a really positive step with, finally took a hold of my damn life to make it work for me and hearing that the one stable part of my plan had gone just sent me over the edge. Calming down, I called my cousin back a couple of hours later to find out that her wonderful boyfriend had even included me in his plans for them moving in together. Soon as I beat the word “gaylord” out of him, he’ll be fairly close to perfect, I think.


So, the plan at the moment is that I’ll be putting the unit up for rent next Monday and moving back into mum and dad’s as soon as I get a tenant. I have my last day at work picked out for maximum tax benefit and I’ll be going down to Sydney shortly thereafter. So for the next couple of weeks at least, I’ll be even more absent then what I have been lately. I am the human canker sore however, (thanks [ profile] nombrehetomado ) and you won’t be rid of me completely. I adore you all, and have tried to end this three times but it got too sappy, so I’ll just say, that’s all, for now.

I've been bitching about being broke for a while now, and last month I got a chance to do something about it, with adding a few cleaning jobs in to my week, which is as follows. This is as much for me as anything else.

A whole third of my week working )
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So. Health care. Many different forms are needed, every country is a little different. What I would like, if you have the time, is to explain to me what health care entails in your country.

Blame this on my Daily Show obsession, seeing Sicko, and a conversation with my parents. )



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